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Discover the power of values for your marketing and corporate culture

If you are interested in using the values communication method in your company or for your brand, I will be happy to show you the possibilities. I am also available for seminars and workshops or to help you make your event an inspiring and engaging experience.

You can find more information about values communication at our values blog and on the pages of the SHORT CUTS Academy. On the SHORT CUTS GmbH design + kommunikation website you will find a number of projects we have completed for various companies over the years. Always true to our motto: Design is a form of proactive thinking.

I look forward to your visit and a lively exchange at the Sarotti-Höfe in Kreuzberg.

Martin Permantier
Mehringdamm 55
10961 Berlin
Tel.: 0175 2025766

The values blog –

The values development blog was created following publication of the book “smartTARGETING – Wertekommunikation für Unternehmen” (smartTARGETING – Values communication for companies, in German only) and features exciting articles about values communication, values development, employer branding, and corporate and leadership culture. It includes excerpts from the book, lists further information sources, and has a values test which users can take for themselves… all to help you identify your own values. Authored by guest contributors as well as by employees at the SHORT CUTS agency, the blog thrives on the free exchange of ideas on values development.


The SHORT CUTS Academy

Seminar participants at the SHORT CUTS Academy learn about internal corporate communication strategies and external trends. Corporate communication has two key objectives: to establish a positive corporate culture and develop customer potential. SHORT CUTS Academy seminars help participants build a corporate communication strategy that will reach employees and customers alike. They learn how to define corporate values and at the same time position their company more clearly on the market.


SHORT CUTS design + kommunikation

In 1995 I founded the agency SHORT CUTS GmbH with Dirk Studzinski. Together with around 30 employees we provide companies with a unique consulting service approach and implement it in the design process – online and offline. We believe values are the heart of every brand and corporate culture. One outcome of close collaboration efforts with hundreds of companies has been the values communication method. This method takes a holistic view of brands, products, target groups and corporate cultures.

At SHORT CUTS we believe design is a form of proactive thinking – and communication is a form of values.


The nature conservation project  “NOAB – Preserving Natural Oases”

Isolated natural gems like this one, located just outside a national park in a densely populated and economically strong region of Brazil, are becoming increasingly rare. They are under constant threat from deforestation, mining, development and tourism. In collaboration with our partners “Altamira Empreendimentos Ecologicos LTDA” on the ground in Brazil, we are committed to preserving and expanding this beautiful and species-rich area.

I have been involved in this project since 2010. We have since been able to establish an exceptional venue for seminars of up to 20 people. From November to April you can take part in seminars and immerse yourself in the peaceful seclusion of nature, allowing you to reconnect with yourself far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.