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Shaping the future: Impetus for brands and corporate culture

Our books

ICH-WIR-ALLE: 24 Transformationsgestalter:innen geben wegweisende Impulse für die Zukunft
This book is a multi-perspective collection of articles on ICH (I – self-development), WIR (WE – team-development) and ALLE (ALL – context-development). With contributions from Germán Barona, Constanze Buchheim, Dr. Daniel Burchardt, Jens Corssen, Tanja Gerold, Svenja Hofert, Jens Hollmann, Veronika Hucke, Klemens Jakob, Sabine & Alexander Kluge, Dr. Sylvia Löhken, Dr. Michael Müller, Dr. Georg Müller-Christ, Anne-Dorthe Nielsen, Axel Neo Palzer, Sophia Rödiger & Lukas Fütterer, Remo Rusca, Uwe Rotermund, Karin Schnappauf, Alexandra Schwarz-Schilling, Jan Stassen, Rona van der Zander, Dr. Josephine Worseck and Dr. Andreas Zeuch. All the ideas for the future are united by a common ethical optimism. (In German: VAHLEN Verlag, ISBN 978-3-8006-6676-8 – E-Book: ISBN 978-3-8006-6677-5)
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MINDSET MATTERS: Shaping leadership and corporate culture for the future
An organisation’s survival in a VUCA world depends on the mindsets that guide our interpretations and actions. Our practical six mindset model is based on sound science and demonstrates how we interpret the world and develop our construct of reality. This opens up new perspectives for developing leadership, teams and organisations. Real-life examples help put this new knowledge into a larger context.  We offer high-impact short courses as well as more extensive training modules on this model.
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WERTE WIRKEN: Strategie, Marke und Kultur mit Werten entwickeln
(VALUES WORK: Develop strategy, brands and culture with values)
Convince customers and delight employees with the power of values. Our 5-step values development method provides inspiring and useful tools for the systematic exploration of your corporate identity. WERTE WIRKEN makes our practical and strategic approach directly applicable. It has numerous real-life examples and can be thumbed through at leisure. The rich and abundant illustrations help unleash your creative potential. We want you to enjoy and be inspired by the book every time you pick it up. We want our readers to get into action, which is why we also provide extensive working material for downloading with the book.
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Podcast series ICH-WIR-ALLE

Shaping development: personal & individual, in teams & organisations

In our podcast series ICH-WIR-ALLE (I-WE-ALL) we take a look at self, team and context development opportunities. We give space to people who can inspire us with their own personal perspectives and experiences. There are probably as many ways to shape life as there are people. Which is why we make a conscious effort to feature a selection of diverse and individual contributions.
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Guest speaker on the podcast “Masters of Transformation” with Ingo Stoll
Guest speaker on si:cast – the podcast on the future of communication
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Our blog on branding and corporate culture. 

Our blog gives you a roadmap of ideas and information on branding and corporate culture. Find out how values development can help companies strengthen their positioning and employer branding. With a lasting impact. We devote equal attention to current and fundamental aspects. We also welcome guest contributions. Get inspired! >>