Innovative action needs space for self-determination.

Positioning begins with your own values.

Agile organisations thrive on transparency and self-direction

Inspiration for brands, leadership
and corporate culture

Martin Permantier Martin Permantier is an entrepreneur, author and keynote speaker.
For over 20 years he has been supporting companies on their strategic development and brand positioning journey. His experience as an entrepreneur and CEO of SHORT CUTS GmbH design + kommunikation, which today employs around 30 skilled professionals, has been fundamental to his pragmatic approach and implementation competence. He shares his insights in seminars, workshops and lectures, and has written about his method – values communication – in the book „smart TARGETING“ (in German only) and numerous articles. Meanwhile, this has evolved into a tried-and-tested tool “Die Werteentwicklung” (Values Development) to grow and enhance the marketing and corporate cultures of SMEs. The Values Development Blog  (Blog zur Werteentwicklung) takes an in-depth look at different aspects and contributes to current discourse. In his latest book “Haltung entscheidet” (MIndset Matters), Martin Permantier shows us how we can shape the development of leadership skills and corporate culture to allow us to successfully respond with agility to tomorrow’s challenges. He has developed an illustrative and practice-based model that has its foundations in modern developmental psychology. With the aid of numerous examples and graphics he explains how we can progressively expand our mindsets. This evolutionary way of thinking inspires the reader with frequent “lightbulb” moments.

In his foreword to “Mindset Matters”, the Selbst-Entwickler© (Self-Developer) Jens Corssen, graduate psychologist and coach for Germany’s top executives, writes:
“With great clarity, the six mindset model demonstrates the potential we have as human beings and, on a personal level, what is worth striving for in the team as well as in the organisation.
The book‘s special strength lies in its ability to illustrate complex inter-relationships in a vivid way and thus create transparency and purpose

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The book for entrepreneurs, managers, HR officers, coaches, and all those interested  in New Work and self-development.


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