Innovative action needs space for self-determination
Functionalised people cannot reach their full potential

Agile organisations thrive on transparency and self-direction

Shaping corporate identity with mindset and values

Martin Permantier is an entrepreneur, author and keynote speaker. For over 20 years he has been supporting companies on their strategic development and brand positioning journeys. His pragmatic approach and implementation skills draw on his experience as CEO of SHORT CUTS GmbHwhich today employs around 30 creative professionals. He shares his insights in seminars, workshops, articlesand books.

In MINDSET MATTERS he explains how we can make leadership and corporate culture fit for the future. Written in collaboration with Britta Korpas und Daniel Bischoff, WERTE WIRKEN (Values Work) describes the key role values play in shaping strategy, branding and culture. 

Shaping development: individual and personal, in teams & organisations

As host of the podcast (I-WE-ALL) he has created a space where inspired and inspiring personalities can share their perspectives and experience. The end of November 2021 saw the appearance of the book “ICH-WIR-ALLE: 24 Transformationsgestalter:innen geben wegweisende Impulse für die Zukunft“, (I-WE-ALL: 24Transformation Designers share their groundbreaking ideas). With contributions from Germán Barona, Constanze Buchheim, Dr. Daniel Burchardt, Jens Corssen, Tanja Gerold, Svenja Hofert, Jens Hollmann, Veronika Hucke, Klemens Jakob, Sabine & Alexander Kluge, Dr. Sylvia Löhken, Dr. Michael Müller, Dr. Georg Müller-Christ, Anne-Dorthe Nielsen, Axel Neo Palzer, Sophia Rödiger & Lukas Fütterer, Remo Rusca, Uwe Rotermund, Karin Schnappauf, Alexandra Schwarz-Schilling, Jan Stassen, Rona van der Zander, Dr. Josephine Worseck and Dr. Andreas Zeuch. 



A small selection of videos on “Haltung entscheidet” (Mindset Matters: in German)


How leaders can achieve inner freedom

At an event organized by the peer-to-peer network Entrepreneurs’’ Organization, Martin Permantier explains how we can expand our mindsets.Leadership needs three qualities if it is not to hold back development: presence, courage and empathy.
How you can achieve inner freedom in Leadership (18 mins, English)

How we see the world…

… and construct our reality out of it (9 mins, in German)

The cornerstone of successful change…

… is self development. (26 mins, in German)

Keynote addressing “Mindset Matters” at the GLS Bank Hamburg

Guest of KDA & FRIENDS from the “Kirchlicher Dienst in der Arbeitswelt der Nordkirche“ (132 min, in German)

Mindset matters

In his latest book “MIndset Matters, Martin Permantier shows us how we can develop leadership and corporate culture to face tomorrow’s challenges with agility. He has developed a descriptive and practical model based on findings from modern developmental psychology. With the aid of numerous examples and illustrations he explains how we can progressively expand our mindsets. This evolutionary way of thinking inspires the reader with frequent “lightbulb” moments.

In his foreword to “Mindset Matters”, the Selbst-Entwickler© (Self-Developer) Jens Corssen, graduate psychologist and coach for Germany’s top executives, writes:

“With great clarity, the six mindset model demonstrates the potential we have as human beings and, on a personal level, what is worth striving for in the team as well as in the organisation. The book‘s special strength lies in its ability to illustrate complex inter-relationships in a vivid way and thus create transparency and purpose.”

Book, audio book and e-book

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The poster to the book in available German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and some Swiss dialects. It demonstrates the six mindset model’s invisible soft factors and encourages and stimulates discussion.

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We have created two card games to accompany the book. Have fun while learning how to understand and influence processes: for yourself and those you work with. Inspired and inventive, all games can be played alone or with others – and in different variations.

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