Systemic thinking and new forms of collaboration help us thrive in a complex working world.

Exchange allows us to continuously learn from other companies. 

Impetus for positioning and leadership – from practical experience

Martin Permantier has been CEO of SHORT CUTS GmbH since 1995.

He has brought together a plethora of strategic experience collected over many years into an insightful values communication method. The method is constantly refreshed and updated in regular collaboration efforts with companies. He engages in frequent conversation with the entrepreneurial network Co-Create, the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the AOK-Nord-Ost, as well as with other entrepreneurs and managers. He facilitates dialogue on brand and corporate culture development issues through events, seminars and workshops held on the premises of SHORT CUTS GmbH design + kommunikation.

Martin is driven by the desire to help entrepreneurs and business owners seeking to experience authentic dialogue free of prejudice and cynicism.

With SHORT CUTS GmbH he has been supporting companies with their targeting and positioning strategies for over 20 years.

He provides process consulting services to companies seeking to embrace authentic, values-based development and helps with the implementation of the jointly developed ideas. Brand, products, target groups, corporate culture, management style and design are examined strategically and in context.

Few entrepreneurs have formal training in leadership or corporate culture. Martin sees himself as learner and welcomes other entrepreneurs who also want to advance their leadership skills.

Martin Permantier was born in 1966, is married with 3 children and lives and works in Berlin.

Demography and digitalisation

These two challenges mean it is more than ever before crucial to have an attractive corporate culture and a distinctive brand image. Martin Permantier helps companies enhance and protect their internal and external marketing capabilities. 
He believes it is essential not only to provide companies with short-term consulting but also to accompany the journey over the long term, as the actual client benefit and desired market impact require practical and consistent implementation of the approach. Martin guarantees this from a single source with SHORT CUTS design + Kommunikation GmbH.

Spotlight on brand, design and culture

What sets Martin Permantier apart? A holistic approach which allows him and his team to simultaneously focus on brand, design and culture. As experts for design and communication they not only think strategically about implementation, they also deliver it. Their own practice-proven models for developing the culture of an organisation and the positioning of brands create the strategic basis to do this.
From his own management experience, Martin Permantier knows this approach is the most authentic way both internally and externally. Because it’s a question of value messages and not advertising messages.

Portrait of SHORT CUTS in the Absenteeism Report conducted by health insurer AOK