Digitalisation brings new challenges to managers.

Impetus for brands and corporate culture

With our values development method we provide a strong strategic basis for marketing and corporate development, allowing companies to deliver both relevance and authenticity. They are thus able to draw on their full potential as a brand and position themselves for success on the market. As employers too.
Current and timeless topics relating to brand and corporate culture are covered in the accompanying blog, which also welcomes contributions from guest authors.

Shaping development: personal & individual, in teams & organisations

In our podcast series ICH WIR ALLE (I WE ALL) we take a look at ideas and approaches that unlock development opportunities. We give space to people who can inspire us with their own personal perspectives and experiences. There are probably as many ways to shape life as there are people. We make a conscious effort to feature a selection of diverse and individual approaches.
A podcast series for those who believe in a future we can shape together.